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Fall Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a fantastic time to check some of those much needed maintenance items off of your list. A lot of routine maintenance is vital to keeping your car running efficiently and safely. Take the season change as an opportunity to check these items off your checklist!

Walker Jones Nissan is prepared to help you with all of your automotive needs. Here are some fall maintenance items that we recommend:

  • A tire inspection: Check for damage to the sidewalls, worn tread, and inflate properly. Changing temperatures can affect your tire inflation.
  • A heater/defroster check: Ensure everything is in working order before cooler temperatures hit and you desperately need your heater in the morning.
  • Windshield wiper replacement: Fall can become wet so we make sure your windshield wipers are ready to go! We’ll help you find replacement wipers at a great price.
  • External light inspection and replacement: Check everything from your brake lights to your emergency flashers. With the days getting darker earlier, you’ll want everything to be in working order.
  • Brake check: Warm weather can take a toll on your brakes, so we make sure they’re not worn down from summer. Brakes are the most important safety mechanism on your vehicle and shouldn’t be overlooked.

Fall weather can be unpredictable. It’s important to prepare for rain, frosts, or whatever else nature throws our way. We understand the area and know what you need to remain safe on the road as cooler weather hits.

Come to our service center in Waycross, GA for everything you need!