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Winterizing Your Nissan

While it not get as cold as it does in other parts of the country here in Waycross, GA, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the opportunity to perform the proper maintenance on your Nissan before winter hits the south. Besides, if recent years have shown us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected when it comes to weather. Here are some service items you should consider before winter.

A Tire Inspection

While snow tires probably aren’t something Georgia drivers should consider, checking the tread and sidewalls on your tires is a good idea. We will be experiencing some wet weather this winter and to prepare for slippery roads, making sure your tread is adequate and you don’t have any bulges in your sidewall will ensure you won’t spin out or get caught off guard with a flat. Now is also a great time to ensure that your tires are inflated properly. Weather changes and fluctuations in air pressure may result in your tire having too little or too much air. Both can lead to frustrating and dangerous consequences.

A Brake Check

No safety mechanism on your vehicle is as important as your brakes. After a dusty, hot summer, now is a good time to have them inspected. You might need new brake fluid, pads, rotors, or other repairs. As we mentioned with the tires, it’s a good idea to get these things handled before you’re driving on wet, slippery roads this winter.

A Battery Tune Up

Cooler weather puts more stress on your battery, as does heat. That means, now is the best time to check your battery for any damage from the hot summer months and prepare it for the cooler weather ahead. No one wants to be stuck with a battery that won’t work. We’ll load-test your battery and let you know if you need a replacement here at Walker Jones Nissan’s service department.

Here at Walker Jones Nissan, we have service technicians who are prepared to tackle the large and small issues that we find in your car. Schedule service with us today to prepare for another Georgia winter!