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Protecting Your Vehicle's Exterior During the Summer


Planning a summer road trip? Depending on where you’re headed, your car’s exterior may be at risk. The summers in the Waycross sometimes feel like we’re living on the surface of the sun. The harsh heat can be especially hard on the exterior of your car. Here are some steps you can take to protect your car before you hit the road this summer.

Don’t Skip the Car Wash

Dirt and debris on the surface of your car can do real damage to the topcoat.  Throw in rain, and you could be looking at even more blemishes on your car’s paint. Washing your car often can protect your car’s topcoat, keeping it looking its best.

Use Wax

A simple coat of wax can protect your vehicle’s paint from the harsh sun and the elements. Wax also helps your car repel debris. It doesn’t hurt that it makes your car look as shiny as the day you drove it off the lot!

Park in the Shade

Parking in the shade will reduce the amount of time that your vehicle is exposed to the sun. Try not to park in the open sunlight for long periods of time. If you don’t have covered parking or trees to park beneath, investing in a car cover is a great idea!

While the look of your car is important, don’t overlook these important maintenance items before hitting the road this summer:

  • Battery inspection: Heat can be hard on your vehicle’s battery. Don’t wind up stranded!
  • Brake check: Heat and dirt can do a number on your brakes. Have them inspected before you take off on any road trips.
  • Fluid level checks: From your oil to your steering fluid, heat evaporates liquid. Make sure you keep an eye on your fluid levels.
  • Tire pressure check: Temperature changes affect your tire pressure. Be sure to inflate your tires to recommended levels.

For help with any service items, schedule an appointment with Walker Jones Nissan today. Our technicians tackle minor and extensive repairs with ease. We look forward to seeing you at our dealership in Waycross