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Things Every Vehicle Owner Should Know

As car owners we think we know everything there is to know about our vehicles, right? You bought your car, it transports you from point A to B, so what else could you possibly need to know? Crosby Nissan wants you to understand the basics to be prepared for any situation.

Basic Maintenance

1. Change a Tire: You might not change a tire yourself but knowing how to do so will allow you to help yourself or others if there was a situation that called for an immediate tire change.

2. Tire Pressure/Rotation: Avoid a flat tire by checking the air pressure of all your tires. Regular rotation is also recommended. Usually, when oil changes happen, tire rotations should also take place. Tire rotations will help balance the ware and tare of your tires.

3. Jump Start: Always carry jumper cables in your car and know where they go when they are called for.

4. Oil Changes: Know how often your car requires an oil change, how to look at the level of oil, and how to change the oil. For routine changes, schedule service with Walker Jones Nissan.

5. Windshield Wipers: For the most part, windshield wipers have “clips,” making it easy for removal or application. Replace both at the same time. If you need help, visit our service center.

6. Gas Type: This is not a big deal but did you know your vehicle requires a specific fuel type? Most car owners go for the cheap fuel. Our service technicians at Crosby Nissan recommend knowing the exact fuel your car needs.

7. Car Brakes: : For safety reasons, you should know how to spot differences in your brakes. Observe for anything abnormal and bring your car in to Walker Jones Nissan if they seem off.

8. General Information: Knowing basic information about your car insurance, registration, any emissions or safety inspections your state require will help you stay on track.

9. Warranties: Not everyone benefits from this but it’s important to know if you have or are eligible for car warranties. Check your car manufacturer or the dealership you purchased your vehicle from to get a full understanding of your benefits.

10. Check Engine Light: When this shows up on your dashboard, get the code read as soon as possible to avoid a minor problem to become something major.

To better your experience as a car owner, we are more than happy to review concerns you may have. Come in today and get your Nissan or any other vehicle taken care of. Contact us at 912-283-7783 or visit our dealership in Waycross, Georgia.