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What does MPG really mean?


A vehicle’s MPG (or miles per gallon) is an important factor for many drivers shopping for a new or used vehicle in the Waycross area. Simply put, a vehicle's MPG is how far a driver can get on a single gallon of gasoline. This figure is meaningful in helping your determine how efficient a vehicle will be.

Usually, you’ll see two different measurements for MPG – city MPG and highway MPG. Since these types of driving are very different and affect fuel economy, you should take both numbers into account when considering your own driving habits.

  • City MPG: Considers driving with occasional stopping and braking.
  • Highway MPG: Considers a more continuous acceleration

Highway MPGs are generally higher because continuous acceleration is a more efficient use of your vehicle’s engine.

The Environmental Protection Agency overseas these ratings. New cars are put through thorough testing that tells the agency, and eventually the consumer, how efficient the vehicle will be on average.

When considering MPG, keep in mind that it is only an average estimation. Many other things play a role in your car’s fuel efficiency, including:

  • How You Drive: Aggressive braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration can all lower your gas mileage.
  • Weather: Cold weather especially reduces your fuel economy because your engine operates better when warm.
  • Roads: Hilly or unpaved roads can reduce the fuel economy of your car. EPA tests assume you are driving your vehicle on flat ground.
  • Vehicle Maintenance: Everything from a dirty air filter to bad tires can decrease your fuel efficiency. Make an appointment to keep your vehicle operating at its best.

At Walker Jones Nissan, we’re proud of the MPG ratings on new Nissans. Come check them out, talk about your needs with our expert staff, and take one for a test drive. We’ll find a Nissan for you that you’ll love and will offer the fuel efficiency you need for your budget! Call 912-283-7783 today.