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When do I need to buy new tires?

You know the feeling you get when your running shoes are worn down. After working out, your knees ache. You feel like you’ve worked far harder than you actually should have. Similarly, a car works much harder than it should have to if it needs new tires. Furthermore, if you let your tires get too old, you could have a disaster on the road, leading to losing control of your car or being stranded. At Walker Jones Nissan, we want to make sure your tires are in the best possible shape so you don’t get to that point. So, how do you know your tires need attention?

Check the Tread

Anyone can easily monitor this part of their car maintenance. Look at the tread on each of your tires. Does it look worn down? The rule of thumb is that the tread should never fall below 1/16 of an inch, but if you regularly drive in treacherous conditions, like on ice or in the rain, you’re going to want more than that. If you notice the tread on your tires is worn down, call 912-283-7783 to replace your tires as soon as possible.

Look for Sidewall Damage

Just like the tread, sidewall damage is easy to spot. If you see cracks in the sides of your tires, take it as another sign that it’s time for a new set. These cracks indicate that your tire could be developing a leak. In bad cases, this could cause a blowout while you’re driving, leading to a very scary situation. If you spot sidewall cracks, come by and see the service technicians at Walker Jones Nissan.

Take Note of Shakiness

Vibration naturally happens when driving, but if you notice vibration that is out of the ordinary for your car and the roads you normally drive on, it’s a good indication that your tires have come to the end of their life. Too much shake when driving is almost always a sign of a problem somewhere in your vehicle. Bring it in to Walker Jones Nissan, and we’ll figure out what’s going on!

If your car is experiencing none of these symptoms, but your tires are more than six years old, it’s a good idea to go ahead and come in for service. At the very least, you’ll leave with the peace of mind that your car is safe to drive. Come in to Walker Jones Nissan today or make an appointment by calling 912-283-7783. We look forward to seeing you!