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How Often Do I Change My Car's Oil? 

If oil is the lifeblood of a vehicle, when is it supposed to be replaced? Almost every car owner has asked this question of their dealer or mechanic at some point in their life. It's understandable to be concerned about the car's oil quality because it lubricates all of those expensive gears and components that may grind together otherwise. When it's pouring down rain in the lovely state of Georgia, you want to have a purring engine that operates on high-quality oil at all times.

Oil Changes: The Conventional Wisdom

In Waycross, Georgia, drivers know that rain will come during almost every season. That's why drivers need to have regular oil changes, especially when they commute to work or school. Ideally, drivers must change their oil every 5,000 miles. In the past, the conventional wisdom used to be to change your every oil 3,000 miles, but conventional oil has a better consistency today. Whether you live in Valdosta or Tifton, the same oil change standard still applies for Nissans driven about 10,000 miles every year.

Oil Changes for Speciality Vehicles

If you own a Nissan specialty vehicle, such as the Flex Fuel models, you'll have a different oil change schedule. These vehicles currently require new oil every 3,750 miles, according to Nissan USA. Flex Fuel models have slightly different engine components that make their gasoline consumption much different from conventional cars. To be safe driving through Brunswick and Jacksonville during rainy seasons, simply visit our dealership service center to keep up with basic maintenance.

Oil Changes for Leisure Cars

Some drivers might only use their Nissan vehicles on the weekends. In these cases, they don't rack up miles like commuting cars. Sometimes leisure cars, SUVs or trucks only accumulate 1,000 or 2,000 miles each year. Our dealership suggests a yearly oil change for these cars, even if they haven't reached the standard 5,000 miles yet. The Nissan's engine must have low-viscous oil, that isn't thickening with time, to keep all of the internal parts moving smoothly with each ride.

Call or visit Walker Jones Nissan your local Waycross, GA, Nissan dealer, today for all of your oil change needs. Waycross, Georgia, is a perfect location to roll out your car and test its new oil change on the open road. Maintaining your new nissan vehicle with regular oil changes is a smart idea for drivers all over Georgia. Call 912-283-7783 today or schedule your service online.