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Why You Should Trade Your Vehicle at Walker Jones Nissan

Looking to trade your vehicle in the Waycross area? Walker Jones Nissan is proud to offer a fair process for you to trade your vehicle in towards a new Nissan or quality used car. Here are just a few reasons you should consider trading your vehicle at Walker Jones Nissan.


Why not just sell your car yourself? You could list a sales ad, take your car to meet potential buyers, haggle on price, worry that a check will bounce… the list goes on. Or, you could simply bring your vehicle to our dealership in Waycross and work with our finance experts to come to a fair agreement on what your current car is worth. Trading your car with Walker Jones Nissan involves far less work and worry than selling your car on your own.

Fair Value

At Walker Jones Nissan, we are proud to say that we pay top dollar for your trade. We are looking to make customers happy, not make a quick buck. We look forward to working with you through our transparent process to come to an agreement that everyone is happy with. You can start by valuing your trade online, and we’ll be in touch quickly.


Selling your car privately could take weeks, or even months! During that time, you may be paying for advertising. You’ll also have to continue to keep your car in great condition. At Walker Jones Nissan, the process is quick, and you can drive away in a new vehicle immediately after trading in your car.


For the most part, we will take your car in any condition. You don’t need to have it detailed or fix the ding in the door because we’ll take care of that. We price your vehicle based on the condition it’s in so it’s completely up to you if you’d like to put in the extra time. If you’re selling your vehicle on your own, you’ll need to have it looking its best to ensure that it sells for a fair price.

Courteous Staff

Instead of dealing with picky buyers, you’ll simply deal with the kind and helpful staff at Walker Jones Nissan. All of our employees treat our customers with respect and honesty, hoping to build long-term relationships.

Ready to trade in your vehicle for a new Nissan car? Contact us today to get started. We know you’ll leave our dealership in Waycross satisfied.