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Your Test Drive: How to Maximize the Experience

Browsing online inventory is great, but the real test of whether or not a vehicle will work for you is the test drive. Whether you’re buying a new Nissan or a pre-owned vehicle, the test drive is an integral part of ensuring you’ll be happy in your vehicle day-to-day. So, how do you maximize the experience to make sure you get all the pertinent information you need before buying? Read on.

Spend Time in the Driver’s Seat

This may seem obvious, but we encourage you to really get a feel for the driver’s seat. It’s easy to get caught up on performance or aesthetics instead of focusing on how you really feel and move in the car. Be sure to take the time to adjust the seat to your liking before driving. That way, you can see how your view is in the vehicle, how easily you can reach all controls, and how comfortable you feel.

Check Out the Cargo Capacity

Numbers are one thing; seeing how things actually fit into the vehicle is another. Bring along car seats or sporting gear to simulate what a day packing up your vehicle would be like. The time to find out that all of your essentials don’t fit comfortably is not when you’ve already driven off of the lot. Our sales staff is ready and willing to take the time to make sure the vehicle you’re interested in meets your cargo needs. Be sure to ask about organization accessories as well.

Test Out Safety Features

We boast a lot about the many safety features in Nissans, with good reason, but we also want you to experience them for yourself. Test the braking and other features while you’re in a safe environment with a member of our sales staff. We’ll talk you through how the vehicle works to protect you while you see it in action.

Try Riding in the Vehicle

Switch places with a family member or a dealership representative to see how it feels to ride in your vehicle. Experience the passenger seat or the seats in the back to see how your friends and family will feel in the vehicle. Staying in the driver’s seat certainly doesn’t give you the entire picture and riding in the car allows you to check out some of the features while not watching the road.

Get the Full Experience

Drive in stop-and-go traffic if you can. Try a test drive in the rain! Try both highway driving and curvy backroad driving. Try driving the car on your usual commute route. All of these help show you what your day-to-day experience in the vehicle will be like. Our staff is ready to help you simulate your routine on the test drive.

When you’re ready to test drive one of our vehicles, call 912-283-7783 or visit our lot in Waycross, GA.