Nissan Kicks Dashboard Lights

You’re driving around Douglas, Vidalia, Tifton, Jesup, or Waycross when suddenly a light illuminates in the dashboard of your Nissan Kicks. You may be wondering what it means and what you have to do to fix it. That’s why Walker Jones Nissan created this helpful guide to some of the most important dashboard lights in the Kicks.

Carefully read through this guide to be properly prepared the next time you see a warning light. If you have any questions, check your owner’s manual or schedule a service appointment.

Automatic Emergency Braking System Warning Light

Looks like: A frontal collision

If your Nissan Kicks is equipped with Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), this warning light will turn on when the system is off. However, if it’s on and the light is still illuminated, it may be currently unavailable.

AEB can apply the brakes in certain situations to help you avoid a frontal collision. Therefore, it’s best to consult your owner’s manual or the assistance of a service center right away.

Malfunction Indicator Light

Looks like: An engine

If you’re cruising around in your Nissan Kicks and you see the Malfunction Indicator Light come on or blink, there may be a potential emissions control malfunction.

However, this dashboard light can also turn on if you’re running low on gas or have a loose fuel filler cap. So, check the necessary components or refuel and contact our service center if the light is still on.

Master Warning Light

Looks like: A triangle with an exclamation point in the center

When the Master Warning Light is equipped, it will illuminate to indicate the following issues:

  • No key
  • I-Key system warning
  • Open door
  • Employed parking brake

Check for these problems or consult your owner’s manual for additional guidance.

Power Steering Warning Light

Looks like: A steering wheel with an exclamation point beside it

Power steering works to make steering easier and eliminate the need for tiny overcorrections. If you see this dashboard light while driving, power steering may not be functioning properly and may need servicing.

While you’ll still have control of your Nissan Kicks without this system, it’ll take greater steering effort, especially around sharp turns and at low speeds. That’s why it’s best to visit a service center at your earliest convenience.

SET Indicator Light

Looks like: “SET”

Your cruise control system creates a more relaxing highway drive by allowing you to set an ideal traveling speed. Therefore, you want to guarantee this system is in proper working order.

If you see this dashboard light blink while your engine is running, there may be an issue with your cruise control. You should then seek help from your local Nissan service center.

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