Tire Service

Your tires are one of the most critical components for your vehicle’s overall safety and performance. To help keep your car performing at a high level, Walker Jones Nissan features a tire center to provide you with routine tire maintenance.

From professional tire inspections to quick tire rotations, our service team can help you extend the life of your wheels. Our friends in Douglas, Vidalia, Tifton, Jesup, and Waycross can contact us today to set up their next service appointment.

Tire Services

Our tire center offers all the services you made need from regular maintenance to full tire replacement. The following services are some of the most common services we offer. If you have any questions, contact our center.

Tire Rotations

Tire rotations involve moving your tires from one position to another to ensure even wear, helping them last longer. A typical tire rotation moves the front tires to the rear and the rear tires to the front. However, there are numerous rotation patterns that depend on your type of car. Our technicians are highly trained in the correct patterns your car calls for, so you can trust your vehicle is in good hands.

It’s recommended your tires are rotated every 5,000 to 7,5000 miles to maintain balanced handling. Failure to rotate your tires, mean certain tires may wear down faster, resulting in poor traction on wet or icy roads. Rotate your tires regularly to maintain the safety of your vehicle.

Tire Balancing

Tire balancing is typically performed along with a tire rotation to ensure your wheel system is even. All tires have a heavy spot in them and over time this spot can move causing your tires to become unbalanced. To give tires even wear, extending their lifespan, have your tires balances regularly.

Tire Alignment

Over time your tires can become misaligned due to road conditions and driving habits. When your wheels are out of alignment, your car will pull strongly to one side, affecting your handling and performance. Over time, misaligned tires can create uneven tire wear that decreases the life of your tires. If left alone for a long time, misalignment can even cause permanent damage to your wheel system.

Alignment is a delicate process, so the technicians at our service center are equipped with the proper equipment and training to properly align your tires to the exact specifications of your vehicle’s make and model.

When you bring your tires in for servicing, we’ll perform a comprehensive check of their wear and pressure. If we see anything unusual, we’ll inflate your tires to the correct pressure, repair any damage, or recommend any services you may need. When it comes time to replace your tires, we feature the most popular models, so you can choose a brand you trust.

Visit Our Tire Center Today

If you’re in need of routine tire maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact our tire center today. To help make the scheduling process as convenient and quick as possible, fill out our service scheduler form on our website.

The tire center at Walker Jones Nissan is also a full-service center, so when you bring your vehicle in for a tire service, we can also perform inspections of your engine, brake, and battery to ensure everything is functioning properly. While you’re here, enjoy our complimentary Wi-Fi and beverages. Drivers in Douglas, Vidalia, Tifton, Jesup, and Waycross can contact us today to schedule their next service appointment.

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